HVAC Test and Balance Company

National True-Test, Inc. was founded in 1994 by Bill C. Bivins, Jr. to meet customers' needs in the construction industry of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). National True-Test, Inc. is an independent Test and Balance Company certified by the National Environmental Balancing Bureau, (NEBB) Test and Balance Certification #2975, which prides itself on reporting an accurate and detailed analysis of HVAC systems. National True-Test, Inc. is also certified by NEBB to perform Sound and Vibration Measurements and Building Enclosure Testing.

Although National True-Test, Inc. primarily performs work in Alabama and Georgia, including Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville and Columbus, it is available for work throughout the southeast. National True-Test, Inc. is committed to providing professional service through highly trained technicians who continue to study and learn the advances that are being made throughout the HVAC industry as more complex and sophisticated systems are coming out which minimize energy consumption. As the need for these energy efficient systems increase it is becoming even more important to have a complete and thorough Test & Balance of the HVAC system performed by professionals instead of meter readers who do not understand the HVAC system in its entirety.

National True-Test, Inc. takes pride in the health care facilities it works in which tend to have more complicated HVAC systems. These facilities have critical room pressurizations and room air changes that are required in areas such as Operating Rooms, Positive and Negative Isolation Rooms, Histology and Microbiology Labs, Clean Rooms, and Decontamination Rooms.

Accurate testing and balancing by National True-Test, Inc. is essential. A building that has not been properly balanced will result in numerous maintenance and warranty calls that should have been located and corrected during the construction phase. An improperly balanced building could lead to hot and cold areas and/or the possibility of a building which is negative to the outdoors due to an inadequate balance. A negative building means that dirty unfiltered air is coming through doors, windows and cracks. This unfiltered and unconditioned air can lead to humidity problems if left uncorrected.

With the money saved from no longer wasting energy, the cost of a true test and balance report pays for itself. Having more comfortable and productive employees, enjoying the satisfaction of contributing to a greener environment, and not having to deal with numerous warranty calls makes hiring National True Test, Inc. well worth the investment for the Owner and Construction Team.